March 5, 2012

Pinned it, did it: Yarn wrapped letter and yarn pom flowers.


I finally got around to actually doing a couple of the crafts I found on pinterest for L's room. 
 Turned out super duper cute I must say. 

Pin here for pom flowers. 
Pin here for yarn wrapped letter.

More awesome DIY crafts on my pinterest board here. :)

February 1, 2012

Sock bun tutorial for your little girlie

Find your little lady and put a pony tail in her hair. 
The higher on the head the better because she will be sleeping with it in.

First find your child size sock and cut the toe out of it and roll it up into a donut. Get the hair in the pony tail a tiny bit wet- you want it to be able to dry completely by morning. Put the sock over the hair and bring the sock up to the top and wrap the hair around the sock to get it started. Then start tucking the hair under the sock and rolling the sock down the hair- at some point in the rolling process you want to spread the hair around the donut then just keep on a rollin' 'til you cant roll no mo'.

No need to fasten it or anything, the sock should keep it perfectly in place. 

Super duper cute just like this too.

When she wakes up take out the sock and check out those curls!

Surprising right? From a sock? For reals? Thats what I thought too. 
No product here. Just a sock, a hair tie and water.

She cant believe its her hair. I wish you could have heard her reaction.
(Enter 'giggle, giggle, tee hee hee' here)

And there you have it, more volume than we know what to do with.  :)

January 30, 2012


This weekend was a blast. A rare kid-less night out with husband, sisters and soon to be brother in-law, delicious dinner and margaritas, kerry park, strawberry balsamic ice cream, and an amaaaaazing Martin Sexton concert. Here are a few shots to prove it (except for the ice cream, the proof is in my back side). 


"The best live performer I've ever seen." —John Mayer

I agree, John Mayer. 

January 12, 2012

Something Beautiful

I just recently stumbled upon this and had to share.
 It really is something beautiful, and what a perfect New Year wish! 
From me to you:

May the grace of God be with you always, in your heart. 
May you know the truth inside you from the start.
May you find the strength to know that you are a Part of something beautiful... 

And I thought I saw a Light shine, I thought I saw a Light shine...

November 18, 2011


   I could kiss the maker of Pinterest and I know I am not alone. I have enough future recipe ideas and craft projects jammed into my little brain to last a life time. And Im lovin it.
     Here are a few goodies I have tried and wanted to share...

                                                                    Source: via Chelsie on Pinterest
                                           Sort of half brownie, half cookie and totally yummie. 
                       Its perfect if you are craving chocolate but don't want to make a big mess, 
                                                        or in my case do a lot of dishes.  
                         This one made its little way into my recipe binder. Yep. Its that good. 
                                   Just don't over stir the flour and it'll be perfect every time.

 I made this with my grandmas' butter rich homemade rolls recipe and they tasted as good as they look. Perfection. And total low cal.  Muahaa. ;)

                                                    Source: via Chelsie on Pinterest.
                        I wont tell if you sneak a spoonful when the kids aren't looking. Promise. 

                  The kids and I did with river rock vase filler that I had in an old, you guessed it- vase.  They picked the rock and I glued. Turned out awesome and took, meh... about 30 minutes, maybe 13 minutes if your kids don't fight over the rocks.


        Source: via Chelsie on Pinterest
I am so in love with these.  I ended up doing three of the four, the fire truck, pick up truck and car. I changed up the colors to match my sons room and hung them up separately. They are so cute! Totally worth doing if your boy is into the whole cars and trucks thing like mine is.

We did this the other day for a little fall project. But instead of painting the branches I painted their little hand brown and used the print as the branches (yes, another pinterest idea, of course). They turned out super cute and look darling hanging up in the playroom for Thanksgiving!

      Thank you Pinterest for inspiring me for a life time!

What about you?

 Got any Pinterest favs?

November 6, 2011


Jessie and Woody.

Jessie's got her pose down.

Not sure what kind of pose that is, Woody. Tough guy eh?  :)

November 3, 2011

Hardest thing ever.

It's time. I need to do this. 

I have done this twice before, so I know it's possible and more importantly, it doesn't hurt her and will help her in the long run. Its just hard on this here mama that's all.

I need to let her cry it out and I know its going to be painful. 
Just bite the bullet and do it, I tell myself.

She is fed, changed, burped and super tired. No time like the present they say. Right?

 I rock her for a bit till I see those sweet tired eyes. I lay her in her crib still awake, and she starts in immediately. I talk softly to her and go stand in the door way where she cant see me. 

She cries and cries and cries and cries. (and cries)

Did I mention how hard this is on mamas?

I stand in the door way, thoughts a racing---
 Am I doing the right thing? Should I just wait a couple more days? Ill just rock her to sleep like I usually do, It would be easier for both of us. 

NO! I'm doing this.

She needs to learn to go to sleep on her own and my back hurts from her falling asleep on me every day (although holding a sleeping baby is so sweet) I know this is the right thing to do.  

So there I stand, pace, pray, sit, chew my fingernails, pace, pray, hope, pray.

I go in every 5-7 minutes to soothe her, and sit her up to make sure she doesn't have any burps, which she did from all that crying. Lay her back down, kiss her little face and go back to the door way and pray and pace, ect.... 

I finally lay her down on her tummy just for kicks and boom! -She's out in 3 minutes. 


Total time: 53 hours minutes. 

That was so. stinking. hard. 

This mama is exhausted and needs chocolate asap. 

 Whats the hardest thing that you have done lately?


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