January 30, 2010

My fabulous Sister-in-law

 This beautiful, sweet, completely fabulous lady:

My Sister-in-law.

 And she Is on a ship like this: 
 Sailing away to Togo, Africa.

Where she will be for 7 whole months!

 Her Blog:

 Some info: 

I told you she is fabulous. :)

We love you Caitlin!  


January 28, 2010

Little lady

This little lady can dress herself now.

And yes, she's mighty proud of it. 

January 25, 2010

Park people

We are serious park people. 

We go any chance we get. 


And we really love to go when its 61 degrees -in January. 

January 22, 2010

Slide races

Slide race #1

Hes got great technique. 

Feet are a flyin.

 Made it safe and sound.
  Kid had me worried for a second.

Slide race #2 

 Dads turn.

But Dads don't move to well on slides....
"You stuck honey?"

January 20, 2010



 makes me smile.

January 19, 2010

Feel the love

From this,

to this,

to this.

Feel the love.

January 16, 2010

Boogers and all

I love this little boy. 

Boogers and all.

Hopefully boogers don't totally gross you out. 

I think boogers smeared across his face makes him cute.
(at least in this picture...)

Is that weird?

January 14, 2010

Snow day


I sorta like em.

January 7, 2010

Christmas memories

In no particular order....

apples to apples
fudge pie
tall caramel macchiato
pumpkin scone
cheesecake factory
bowling ball
date night
up in the air
Grande soy chai
Black Nativity
Sanjaya Malakar
wits and wagers
muddy buddies
train set
doll house
so blessed
happy faces
prime rib
Puget sound
Kerry park
canon rebel xsi
space needle
chocolate mousse cheesecake
dulce de leche caramel cheesecake 
peach bellini
3rd place- bowling night :)
cotton bag from Nepal
busy airports
cramped airplane
lots of movies
sleepy children
jewelry box from Alex
honey baked ham
heart to hearts
angle lake
Bald eagles
fire place
Christmas tree
12 days of Christmas
delicious bread pudding
lots of laughter
lots of coffee
Christmas lights
Tinker Bell
cast iron skillet
breakfast with friends
5 spot
pass the bomb

January 6, 2010

"Part of your worrrrrrrrrld"

Ariel's got nothin on her.

Did you count how many times Bub said "cheese"? Naturally- he thinks I'm taking his picture.

January 2, 2010

Thanksgiving 2009

The peeps: My grandparents, the kids, and Alex and I.
The menu: Fried turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, corn pudding (don't have a picture for proof), sausage and cranberry stuffing, bourbon glazed sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce (from a can- I love that stuff) home-made rolls, and apple and pumpkin pie.

The pics:
Fishin for extra "taters".

The Bub.

This takes serious concentration. He was having a blast sticking that poor turkey with that thing and fillin him with butter- you just cant tell in this picture.

Real men fry a turkey in a pink glove.

Bye bye mister turkey...look at all that butter.

He fried in their for about 55 minutes.  It was nice not having him in my oven.

Bubba and Great Grandpa Bill.

Hannah and her Great Grandma decorated cookies. :)

She only helped herself to a couple.

Little cookie people.

Me with parsley hands.

Bourbon glazed sweet potatoes. Nothing better.

Sausage and cranberry stuffing. There are no words.

And whats a Thanksgiving without green bean casserole?

The best mashed potatoes I have ever had. Thanks to Ree Drummond.

Me again. Hiding the parsley hands this time. Pay no attention to my messy pantry.

And the rolls.Oh boy.

The most beautiful turkey (can turkeys be beautiful?) I have ever seen. And pretty darn tasty.

He was pretty proud of himself. Even though he wore a pink glove.

Alex's plate. :)

And a few hours later....apple pie. mmmmm. Pumpkin too. Just didn't get around to taking a picture of it.

Overall it was a really great Thanksgiving. I had a blast preparing dinner for my Grandparents- who I don't see that often and never, ever cook for. And Alex had a lot of fun frying a turkey for the first time. Thankfully my Grandpa has fried a few in his day so he was able to show Alex the ropes.
I loved not having to think about anything turkey as that is (was) my least favorite part of preparing the dinner.
We decided that he will take care of Mr. (Mrs.?- sad) turkey from here on out and I will do all the rest- which I do enjoy by the way...


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