December 16, 2010

Things I love lately...Bub edition.

I love this boy because...he is learning to draw happy faces or "eye, eye, nose, happy" as he calls it, and is very proud of this.

 I love this boy because...of this. Not only is he hanging from my cupboard, but if you look close enough at that cute bum of his, his undies are backwards. And he wont change em around when asked. Its one of those 'pick your battles' type of things. Im just glad hes wearing them.

 I love this boy because...sometimes he does this. 
What you don't ever get the urge to chew on your toes??

I love this boy because...sometimes I find murals on my walls. 
  I'm just glad its chalk and not permanent marker.

I love this boy because...he does this when I am trying to take a decent picture of him.

I love this boy because...he would rather I take a picture of his orange M&M, and dirty hands (whoops) than his face.

I love this boy because...when I finally get a picture of him its a dandy. 
And those eyes...gosh those eyes!

 I love this boy because...he's mine pure and simple.
The end.


  1. I always love these. Your right, those eyes are phenomenal!

  2. I love the Caitlin aggression face when he's blocking you from taking his picture. Too cute!


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