December 17, 2010

Baby # 3 - 17 weeks

I was 17 weeks in this picture. I am 18 weeks, 4 days today.

  We have our BIG ultrasound this Monday!! You know, the one where they tell you if you are having a boy or a girl and measure baby all up and stuff.  I have a teeeny, tiiiny hunch that baby is a girl, but I was also 100% sure that Big Sis was a boy and Bub was a girl. So I'm not going to promise you anything. I will say that it would definitely be nice to finally guess right the third time around. 
 Hopefully all is well and baby is healthy. Ill letcha know next week!I We are so excited!!!

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  1. As always, positively beautiful, but this time with an extra dose of gorgeous, compliments of that little love growing in there!


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