November 20, 2009


Not much to say today.

Just that I love,



these two.

And their sweet little faces.

November 12, 2009

Sunshine in November

So lately we have been absolutely loving the weather here. I mean seriously, 71 degrees? Not a cloud in the sky? Possible sunburn? In November??! Unheard of in Oregon.
You can usually find us:
-decorating the sidewalks with chalk,
-collecting leaves,
-digging for "buds" (bugs),
 When we find one we usually spend a good amount of time making a home for it, and she keeps for a while and eventually takes it back to its 'home' (which is never where she found it) so it can find its mommy and daddy. :)
-having a snack,
-playing at the park,
-finger painting- minus the fingers,(Hannah refuses to get paint on her hands but will hold the biggest, ugliest, slimiest worm for hours.)
-counting the parked cars on our street,
-playing ball,
-chasing butterflies,
-looking for grasshoppers,
-searching for the neighborhood bunny,
-playing tag,
-riding bikes or walking to the mail box.

I love the fall in Tennessee.

November 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: June 20th, 2008


November 5, 2009

Halloween 2009

Kids got a surprise Halloween package in the mail from Auntie Erin. They spent the whole day playing with all the goodies. Especially the little dancing robots! Thanks so much Auntie Ewah!

Workin hard.

 My Hubby. :)

Scooping out the "guts".

He spent most of the time "drumming" on the bowls with his spoon and picking up the pumpkin seeds and squeezing them until they popped out of his hand. 

Hannah's                                                         Johnny's


Lady bug girl!!

Flying like a lady bug of course.

 Bumblebee boy!!


Goin solo.

Cutest. thing. ever.

Overall we had a very successful first Halloween!
Johnny really had no clue what was going on, but had fun tagging along with his big sister and doing what she did.

Hannah got a kick out of dressing up and wearing a little "mastara" like momma. She doesn't get candy very often, so believe me, it was a GREAT day. Her favorite candy: Num e Nums. (otherwise pronounced as M and Ms)
About half way in she started getting hungry and wanted to knock on doors and ask for something to eat for dinner instead of candy. (she did eat dinner I promise!) But why not trick or treat for dinner? :)

 Hannah has already informed me that next year she wants to be Ariel and she wants Bubba to be Sebastian. We'll see about that...

November 3, 2009

Who's your Daddy??

He Is…..
The First and the Last
The Beginning and the end
The keeper of creation
The creator of all
He’s the architect of the universe
And the manager of all time

He always was, always is and always will be.
Unmoved, unchanged, undefeated and never undone

He was bruised but brought healing,
He was pierced but eased pain,
He was persecuted but brought freedom
He was dead and brings life
He is risen to bring power
And he reigns to bring peace

The world can’t understand Him
Armies can’t defeat Him
Schools can’t explain Him
And leaders they can’t ignore Him

Harold couldn’t kill Him
Nero couldn’t crush Him
The new age can not replace Him
And Oprah can not explain Him away

He IS Life,
HE IS Love,
HE IS Longevity and He IS The LORD
HE IS Goodness, kindness, faithfulness

HE IS holy and righteous
and powerful and pure

His ways are right,
His word eternal
His will unchanging
And His mind is on us

He is our savior, our guide,
Our peace, our joy, our comfort
Our Lord and He rules our lives,

I serve Him because His bond is love
His yoke is easy His burden is light
And His goal for us is abundant life.

I follow Him because,
He Is the wisdom of the wise
The power of the powerful
The ancient of days, the ruler of rulers,
The leader of all leaders,
His goal is a relationship with me

He will never leave you, never forsake you
Never mislead you, never forget you,
Never overlook you and
Never cancel your appointment is His appointment book.

When you fall He’ll lift you up,
When you fail He will forgive you.
When your weak He’s strong,
When your lost He’s your way
When your afraid He is your courage,
When you stumble He will steady you,
When your hurt He Is going to heal you,
When your broken He will mend you,
When your blind He will lead you,
When your hungry He will feed you,
When you face trials He Is with you,
When I face persecution He shields me,
When I face problems He will comfort me,
When I face loss He will provide for me,

And when we face death
He will carry us all home to meet Him.

He is everything for everybody,
everywhere ,every time,
And in every way.

He is your God

and that sister’s is who you belong to.

Wheeeew! That'll get your blood a flowin...I came across this and had to share. From what I read the words are spoken by Priscilla Shirer on a video. Its a bible study that I hope to do someday called: 


So- to who ever reads this blog of mine: I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. :)


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