November 12, 2009

Sunshine in November

So lately we have been absolutely loving the weather here. I mean seriously, 71 degrees? Not a cloud in the sky? Possible sunburn? In November??! Unheard of in Oregon.
You can usually find us:
-decorating the sidewalks with chalk,
-collecting leaves,
-digging for "buds" (bugs),
 When we find one we usually spend a good amount of time making a home for it, and she keeps for a while and eventually takes it back to its 'home' (which is never where she found it) so it can find its mommy and daddy. :)
-having a snack,
-playing at the park,
-finger painting- minus the fingers,(Hannah refuses to get paint on her hands but will hold the biggest, ugliest, slimiest worm for hours.)
-counting the parked cars on our street,
-playing ball,
-chasing butterflies,
-looking for grasshoppers,
-searching for the neighborhood bunny,
-playing tag,
-riding bikes or walking to the mail box.

I love the fall in Tennessee.

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