November 5, 2009

Halloween 2009

Kids got a surprise Halloween package in the mail from Auntie Erin. They spent the whole day playing with all the goodies. Especially the little dancing robots! Thanks so much Auntie Ewah!

Workin hard.

 My Hubby. :)

Scooping out the "guts".

He spent most of the time "drumming" on the bowls with his spoon and picking up the pumpkin seeds and squeezing them until they popped out of his hand. 

Hannah's                                                         Johnny's


Lady bug girl!!

Flying like a lady bug of course.

 Bumblebee boy!!


Goin solo.

Cutest. thing. ever.

Overall we had a very successful first Halloween!
Johnny really had no clue what was going on, but had fun tagging along with his big sister and doing what she did.

Hannah got a kick out of dressing up and wearing a little "mastara" like momma. She doesn't get candy very often, so believe me, it was a GREAT day. Her favorite candy: Num e Nums. (otherwise pronounced as M and Ms)
About half way in she started getting hungry and wanted to knock on doors and ask for something to eat for dinner instead of candy. (she did eat dinner I promise!) But why not trick or treat for dinner? :)

 Hannah has already informed me that next year she wants to be Ariel and she wants Bubba to be Sebastian. We'll see about that...

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