August 17, 2010

t. fest!

First things first. A game of water basketball.
We loved their crazy faces.
 We thought about swimming. But sat on shoulders instead.
We lounged.
We played trucks. 
And the cousins played cribbage.
We read.

We built sand hills.

And jumped in the water.
There was a poker tourny.

And this guy cleaned up.

We said "Cheeeese".

 And dressed up like princesses. :)
We rode old stationary motorcycles.
And played more cribbage.
We smiled.
And wore feather boas.
We danced.
We realllllly danced.
And twirled.
Then danced some more.
We watched a Talent show.
We jammed. 
We listened to AJ.
And 'Boil that Cabbage Down' by the brothers.

 Then jammed some more.
We danced and tickled armpits at the same time.
And danced to the YMCA. Twice. I'm not ashamed.
Photo 1 of 4.
Photo 2 of 4.
Photo 3 of 4.
Photo 4 of 4. Oh my. :)
We took a picture of the outhouse.
We found a "hopper".
And made him our friend.
And this guy, who found a home under our tent.
We took a 4 generation photo of some good lookin men, if I don't say so myself.
We made lifelong friends.
Then packed up our "house tent".
And fit everything into our little car. Tetris style I might add.
Then we drove the 6 hours back home.
took a couple more
We were impressed with these kite boarders, from the car of course.
Last but not least, me, sort of. Its the only picture taken of me by me the whole trip. Sad huh?


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