September 1, 2010

Anniversary date night. Seattle style.

We decided to go downtown on our 5th wedding anniversary for old times sake and stroll pike place market again. We love the hustle and bustle of it all, plus I thought it would be fun to compare an old photo of back in our dating days...

 Ahhh young love. Dont laugh.

 8 years later.  Where has the time gone??!

 We went to 'Lola' to have appetizers and these beignets with vanilla-mascarpone frosting that were on the Food Network's show "The best thing I ever ate". And boy were they all they were talked up to be. Absolutely Heavenly.

I could hardly wait to get my paws on them.

Him either. ;)

After our appetizers and heavenly beingets we strolled around downtown hand-in-hand. Well not in this picture, and the 4 photos above - I had to have two hands for the camera of course. We are not really given the chance to hold hands all that often anymore, so we took advantage. 
And I loved it. 
I eventually asked my Hubby what movie we were going to go see. He replied "Why don't we get dessert to-go somewhere and walk down to the pier and watch the sunset instead."
"Whaaa?" I replied grinning. "Really?"
I couldn't have thought up a better night.
My husband can be pretty romantic, but usually not one
to skip a movie (in the theater) when given the chance. Especially ones that have been given 3 1/2 stars. Those are definite must-sees in his book.

 I'm pretty lucky. :)
 This guy came for a visit.
I think he eyed our desert. 

But flew away because we wouldn't give him a bite.
Such beggars those sea gulls.

Cheers to eating tiramisu and chocolate mousse and watching the sunset in peace.

This was definitely my kinda day.
 Good work honey!


  1. I think you both look so much better now than before. Thank God for time. My Honey and I have definitely improved with age. Perfect anniversary date night. I was drooling all over your yummy treats:)

    BTW thank you for your sweet words earlier. They about made my head explode:) HA! Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. So fun and great photos! I saw that episode and have thought going to Lola for some of those beignets... haven't made it yet :)

  3. What a sweet date! Love that you got to hold hands, and love the pics that came about when you didn't. ;)


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