September 14, 2010

Suckie Free!

 My daughter was very attached to her "suckie" and that's why she was 3 when we eventually "sent them to the newborn babies in the hospital" but they are actually still in my pajama drawer. I couldn't get my self to trash them...don't tell her.

Little Man has been attached to "suckie" for quite some time now, and showing no signs of kicking the habit on his own...then I noticed a change in his teeth. Drastic times call for drastic measures....
I am going to miss these sweet post-nap-suckie-faces...sunglasses and all.

 I knew I didn't want him to have suckie when he was 3 and that means I had to start weaning him off it now, cause goodness knows how long it would take. So I cut a hole in one that already had a hole. Little at first, but smart little guy would turn it in his mouth so his tongue would cover the hole. On to my next next attempt: cut a cross in another suckie at the tip. (thanks to my friend Allison-who told me about this) I wanted him to still be able to have his suckie at night, to hold, and with the hole in it that's about all he can do. 

This was a very gradual process, about a month or so of little holes here and there and him telling me that it was broken. Not many tears, because it was just a fact, the suckie was broken and there was nothing he could do about it. It was sad because I wanted him to have that security he has had with suckie since he was a baby, but I also knew he would be fine without it.

Fast forward to last week, and he has thrown his suckies away on his own! One by one, day by day, because they are broken! I hate to trick the little guy, but it worked! And I am so proud. We have been suckie free ever since. 


Now to get him to use that potty...

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