September 19, 2010

Day trip to Vashon Island

Our friends Travis and his lovely wife Emma invited us out to their family's cabin for the day. It was great to see a body of water again. So refreshing. The smell, the crisp air, the beauty of the mountains. All of it.

 An attempt to get a photo.

 Another attempt. 
Kids+wind+bright sunshine+distracting sand to dig in= not so great photos.

We did get in some serious bird chasing time though.

The kiddos thought it was neat to drive the car onto the boat and we tried to get yet another photo from the deck. But way too windy.

They would much rather play in the car.

 Beautiful Mt. Rainier from the ferry.

When we got off the ferry we drove for a few minutes then hiked down to the cabin.
Everything is so beautiful here.

Our friends' littlest guy. Super. Duper. Cute.

We bubbled.

 Our friends' oldest boy. Another serious case of the cuteness.

 And played with rocks.
And searched for sea glass.

 We swam.

We played with the hose.

And got splashed by the hose guy. :)

 We just plain looked cute.

 And took in the view.

 Our lovely friends Travis and Emma.

We thought it would be fun for the kids to go on a boat ride...

It was pretty fun for her. Especially when our friend Jason let her drive the boat.:)

But Bubba didn't really have an opinion. 

Lovely view from the cabin.

And last last but definitely not least. The kiss! Still cant believe she actually went through with it as she is usually telling me how she doesn't really like boys. She did today! :)

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  1. It was so great to see you & fun to have you guys out there with us!Our kids are so gorgeous:)


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