September 21, 2010

First fishing expierence. Bayview, Idaho.

My grandparents got the kids fishing poles when we came to Bayview for a visit.
They got her a princess fishing pole of course. :) We could see the fish in the water, thinking about having a bite, she really wanted them to have some "dinner" that she had prepared for them.:) Little does she know...

And Bubbas fishin pole had McQueen on it. 
And he did actually sit like this for a bit.  I don't think he knew what he was waiting for, but he was excited nonetheless.

My Papa Bill caught the first fish. 
The kids were in awe.

And surprised by how slimy the little guy was. 
Hence the one finger pet.:)

And the one finger slime wipe off.

This is his face after he got to touch the fish. 
What a proud guy.

And his face in the background when his sister got to be the one to throw it back into the water.
But she definitely wasn't diggin holding the fish as much as she thought she would.:)

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