April 20, 2011

Baby #3 35ish weeks

 We are on the home stretch and I am finally feeling great! A bit out of breath at times, but that's just how it goes right about now. I totally have the pregnant lady walk too which is always so funny to me. I have finally got my second wind and trying my darndest to get my batty list -Ill spare you by not posting it here- of things done (yes, super nesting at its finest) before Leah comes in just a few weeks! We can't wait to meet her! And Big Sis cant wait to see what color her hair is going to be. I'm pretty curious too. :)

April 19, 2011

Jean skirt tutorial. Sorta...

Grab an old summer dress, preferably one with ruffles on the bottom- makes for a way cuter skirt in my opinion- in our case the dress had a few stains on it so it was easier to cut up. Depending on how short you want your skirt, start cutting off the bottom of it.

Next dig out an old pair of jeans, we put these away about 5 months ago. They fit her around the waist, but were too short. Girl's got the case of the long legs. I thought these were perfect because they already had a cute butterfly on them!

I didn't take a picture of this step, but cut off the legs right above the crotch seam. Try to cut as straight as possible if you can. Then take your piece of cut off dress and pin (you will need a good amount of pins for this) all the way around to the jeans, right sides together, with the seams matching on the sides if you can. Then carefully stitch around at about a 1/2 inch seam.

Finally, grab your cute girl (one that wears socks with her flip flops) and have her model her new skirt. :)

See how fun, cute, easy and cheap is that!

April 8, 2011

Baby #3 - 33ish weeks

Oh goodness me.
The belly is taking over.
Doc wasn't kidding when she said Id be gaining a pound a week now.
Food of choice this pregnancy: thai food, slaw dogs, smoothies
and anything baked and chocolatey- I will totally be gaining a pound a week. 
Cause I can that's why.
 The kids love to feel their baby sissy move around and re-arrange her bedroom furniture. :)
I did Leahs first load of laundry with the kids help which was super fun and exciting but so strange.
I am having TONS of braxton hicks contractions.
I feel like it was just yesterday when I could still see my feet. 
I have wonderful memories of seeing my feet...
Speaking of feet, its gonna be a great day when flip flop weather is here and socks are no longer needed- for obvious reasons...

Its been a super busy couple months for us: 
We sold our car and got a splendid new Toyota Sienna.  
My husband passed his EPPP test and is finally getting licensed. (YAY!!) 
The awesome San Antonio trip.
The day-to-day momma duties of dentist and doc appointments, swimming and ballet lessons. 
 Our littlest lady making her appearance known- both with my obnoxious outie and obviously enjoyable trampoline of a bladder.
My husband job searching and interviewing for a few jobs -thank goodness- which means that there is a 99.9% chance we are going to be moving north again (Eeek!) this summer. This time with one 3 month old baby girl, a very energetic 3 year old little boy, and a almost 5 year old princess.  Deeeeep breeeeeaaath.
Prayers are totally welcome. 
Thank ya kindly. :)


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