March 16, 2011

Baby #3 - 30 weeks

Sorry about the flash, I was feeling lazy.
Not so sorry about the farmers tan on my arm. Ill take what I can get. 
The sunshine in San Antonio felt ah.Mazing.

Yes I am wearing the same purple shirt that I wore in this post, it's my favorite comfy and soft shirt, please don't judge me.
I have been noticing a lot of people looking at my outie lately. See it? Of course you do. I really don't blame them, I stare at it too. It is rather strange looking.
The funny thing about this picture is you can really get a sense of how off balance pregnant women are, not to mention how funny looking my legs look in this picture. They dont call me chicken legs for nothing. HA!

So a little about being 30 weeks pregnant...

I walk slower than usual.
I am clumsy.
I am off balance.
 I have lovely dreams of being able to sleep on my stomach again.

I have aches and pains in my legs.
I eat a lot. 
I can not see my toes anymore- when I am standing up straight that is.  
I am off balance.
 I couldn't do a sit up if I tried.
The painting of toenails is over and done with for now.
Pedicures by a 4 and a half here I come!
 I have mastered picking-up-of-things up with my toes. For reals. 
I eat a lot.

Only 10ish more weeks to go!


  1. you look so beautiful! Maybe we need to go get a pedicure soon...??!!

  2. How exciting, you get to meet your little one in just a couple months! Looking good :)

  3. First off, you look adorable! And second, your blog is looking fantastic. Did you do everything yourself? I think you need to give me lessons.

    Thanks for stopping by today. The response was overwhelming!


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