January 21, 2011

Baby # 3 - 21 weeks

So here I am, a whoppin 21ish weeks in this picture. Which means... I am more than half way done!! Hooray!  I am 22 and 3 days today, so I'm about a weekish behind on updating. 

I absolutely love being pregnant right now - I feel great,and I love feeling each and every little kick and squirm. The best part is that the kiddos are really loving my tummy lately too. Everyday Big Sis tells me that my tummy is bigger and makes sure to say 'hi' to her tiny baby sister Leah. Bub does the same thing, and always makes sure to push my outie of a belly button back in while he is examining my ever-growing tummy. He reassures me that he is going to be 'so so so eeeeasyyyy wit dittle baby Zeah'. Cute stuff. :)

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