January 30, 2011

New lens and sweet faces galore.

Guess what I got for Christmas? :)
Nothing too fancy, but I am so, so in love.

Big Sis is -- for some reason -- so hard to photograph. She's usually doing some crazy funny pose or smiling silly when I get the camera out, which usually makes for not-so-good-pictures. So for me to actually capture her in her rare, super-real moment, was a such a treat. Oh how I love this girl.

 Now Bub on the other hand is pretty easy to photograph. But, opposite of Big Sis, it's rare to catch his goofy faces on camera (especially if you factor in how often I am graced by his faces). I got this one the other night during bath time. This is his "mad face," usually accompanied by crossed arms (not pictured). Too bad its not as scary-serious as he thinks it is. :) Sweet kid this boy.


  1. Bahahaha! I LOVE the mad face :D

  2. Wow. Your kids are absolutely stunning. You and Alex make baby supermodels.


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