April 8, 2011

Baby #3 - 33ish weeks

Oh goodness me.
The belly is taking over.
Doc wasn't kidding when she said Id be gaining a pound a week now.
Food of choice this pregnancy: thai food, slaw dogs, smoothies
and anything baked and chocolatey- I will totally be gaining a pound a week. 
Cause I can that's why.
 The kids love to feel their baby sissy move around and re-arrange her bedroom furniture. :)
I did Leahs first load of laundry with the kids help which was super fun and exciting but so strange.
I am having TONS of braxton hicks contractions.
I feel like it was just yesterday when I could still see my feet. 
I have wonderful memories of seeing my feet...
Speaking of feet, its gonna be a great day when flip flop weather is here and socks are no longer needed- for obvious reasons...

Its been a super busy couple months for us: 
We sold our car and got a splendid new Toyota Sienna.  
My husband passed his EPPP test and is finally getting licensed. (YAY!!) 
The awesome San Antonio trip.
The day-to-day momma duties of dentist and doc appointments, swimming and ballet lessons. 
 Our littlest lady making her appearance known- both with my obnoxious outie and obviously enjoyable trampoline of a bladder.
My husband job searching and interviewing for a few jobs -thank goodness- which means that there is a 99.9% chance we are going to be moving north again (Eeek!) this summer. This time with one 3 month old baby girl, a very energetic 3 year old little boy, and a almost 5 year old princess.  Deeeeep breeeeeaaath.
Prayers are totally welcome. 
Thank ya kindly. :)

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