April 14, 2010

Easter 2010

I regret that I totally forgot to take pictures of the Easter baskets. I made them all super cutesy and everything.  Not that any of you were actually looking forward to seeing what the Easter bunny brought my kids. But they did get some fun stuff...princess hat with rhinestones, Nike hat, purple sunglasses, Princess and the Frog DVD, princess puzzle book, jump rope, recorder, harmonica, little basketball, mini doodle pad, and some other little odds and ends.

These pictures are from the after dinner Easter egg hunt...

Note the foot ware of choice. :) He insisted.

Not so much hunting, but definitely handsome.

The stuffing of the bunny marshmallows and whoppers begins. She didn't really "hunt" for eggs after she figured out what was in each one. She just ate them as she found them. Somehow I knew this might happen so I only put 3 marshmallows and maybe 1 Whopper in each egg. My husband helped me fill some of the eggs and she was pleasantly surprised when she found some had 10 or so jammed in there (thanks honey).  :)

See I filled this one! Just sayin...

Watching sis for a minute. :)

Happily searching and filling his basket/bucket. He quickly got the hang of it.


Easter girl and me.

Her basket.

His basket.

Teaching him that there are great "prizes" inside. He was very happy to learn this (thank goodness for big sisters). And then of course, enjoying every last one.

A little twirl. Just for good measure.

Happy (late) Easter!

Overall it was a very memorable Easter. The Church service was awesome. We got to see Josh Turner perform and that was fun. And Hannah got to see Miss Patty Cake.  :) It was the first Easter we've ever celebrated on our own with the kids. We usually celebrate with my In-laws and have a scrumptious dinner at my husband's Aunt and Uncle's house. For our Easter dinner we had ham, bourbon-glazed sweet potatoes, scalloped potatoes, brussels sprouts, and (my all time favorite) home made rolls. We had coconut cupcakes for dessert.

A big thanks to Auntie Erin for the super cute Easter outfits!


  1. Oh man, the easter basket comparison is pricless. Your kids are adorable!

  2. What fun! I just love how a simple Easter egg hunt brings so much joy :) (for them and also for you to plan/watch, I imagine). Looked like a beautiful day over there, too...can't beat that. Great pictures as always, sister! Love you guys.

  3. So cute, what a beautiful family you have!


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