June 30, 2011

Our little honey girl and crazy new life with 3.

Its been a bit crazy around here. Especially gearing up for another move in the midst of it all. Finding a schedule that works for all of us has been the hardest part, and finding time to do 57 loads of laundry a day has been the most 'interesting' part of it. Ha! Wholly smokes I have never been this behind on my laundry in my life...

Speaking of the looming tour of laundry it's funny how you forget how much laundry such a teeny tiny person can make, or how many times you change your clothes in one hour, oooor how many times you get puked on, pooped on, or peed on during the day. And funny that when she smiles it makes it all worth while.

Most days I find myself still in my pajamas by 4pm. Ya, you totally think I'm kidding. I'm. So. Not. Kidding. I do scramble to put on some mascara, fix my hair, and look in the mirror before my hubby comes home though.  A girls gotta look good for her boyfriend right? 

And what a handsome boyfriend he is...especially with a baby on his shoulder.
It's no wonder why I keep having his babies. :)

The most amazing part of all of this is that yes, there have been hard times, yes, it's super tiring and yes, I get worn out and frazzled and sometimes yell.  But this little honey girl has brought this family that much closer. She is loved by all of us so so much. And her little smile is enough to melt your heart to pieces. Believe me, I tear up every time she does. So. Not. Kidding. Again. 
I blame the hormones.

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  1. haha I love this post. I laughed out loud twice haha! God is so great and you are blessed!! Love to read stuff like this!


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