February 1, 2012

Sock bun tutorial for your little girlie

Find your little lady and put a pony tail in her hair. 
The higher on the head the better because she will be sleeping with it in.

First find your child size sock and cut the toe out of it and roll it up into a donut. Get the hair in the pony tail a tiny bit wet- you want it to be able to dry completely by morning. Put the sock over the hair and bring the sock up to the top and wrap the hair around the sock to get it started. Then start tucking the hair under the sock and rolling the sock down the hair- at some point in the rolling process you want to spread the hair around the donut then just keep on a rollin' 'til you cant roll no mo'.

No need to fasten it or anything, the sock should keep it perfectly in place. 

Super duper cute just like this too.

When she wakes up take out the sock and check out those curls!

Surprising right? From a sock? For reals? Thats what I thought too. 
No product here. Just a sock, a hair tie and water.

She cant believe its her hair. I wish you could have heard her reaction.
(Enter 'giggle, giggle, tee hee hee' here)

And there you have it, more volume than we know what to do with.  :)

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