October 14, 2010

She's in LOVE

With ballet. 
She lives and breaths ballet. 
When she puts on that tutu she transforms into a very graceful princess/ballerina that I have never seen before. Gracefully spinning and tip toeing around the house. I'm guilty of letting her wear that tutu whenever she pleases. I can count on a ton of sweet behavior if the tutu is on. So you understand where I'm coming from.

The instructor finally let all of us curious parents in to watch our girls on the 3rd lesson (we also get to watch the last lesson) and my girl didn't even look my way. Not once. It was weird. I stared her down the whole time hoping to get even just a glance from her. I got nothin. Its like she didn't even notice all of us proud, picture taking parents in the room. I guess that's a good thing though. She is very serious about these lessons. :)

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