February 3, 2011

Baby #3 - 24 weeks

 Finally back on schedule!

Nothing that exciting going on right now except for forgetfulness and weird mustard and beer bubble cravings. And I'm totally not kidding. Mustard cravings like carazy...I wont even tell you how much mustard I put on my potato salad the other day so don't ask,  you would surely think I am a weirdo, and I might have to agree with you.

Forgetfulness example #1- I bought 2% milk at the store the other day. You might think this is not a big deal but we don't drink 2% milk. Ever. We are 1 percenters all the way. And somehow I came home with a gallon of 2%. Don't know how it happened either. Cant explain it. Bizarre behavior by yours truly.

Forgetfulness example #2- Last Sunday I forgot my daughters swim lesson. I have lesson reminders written down on my calender and on the dry erase board on my fridge. I just plum forgot. My pregnant brain was elsewhere evidently. Ergh.

Change of subject- I am so not-ever a fashonista, you can usually find me in ginormous sweat pants, or gaucho pants (I will love them till the day I die, don't care what the fashion police say about them, amen). I thought this little outfit was fun. Especially fun when I don't fit into 76 % of my pre-pregnancy clothing. On that note, so long lovely pre-pregnancy clothing, see you in 11 months and 8 days. Sighhhh.

 So. Just in case you were wondering...

-Camera necklace compliments of my lovely sister-in-law for Christmas. Ornamental things. Check it.
-Fun striped cardigan- Nordstrom.
-Tank top- A penny at Nordstrom. Yes. One. Penny. Sale rack. You cant make these things up...or I guess you could, but I'm no liar. Cross my heart. It was one of those awesome moments in life.
-Maternity jeans- Motherhood maternity.

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