June 7, 2010

Blink up

The fireflies are here! 

And my daughter is in heaven.  She adores bugs in general but the fireflies are a big deal to her. She loves when they "blink up" at her as she says.  When it comes to catching bugs she's on her own for the most part. But in the case of catching fireflies, you could just call me a momma genius -butterfly nets aren't just for butterflies anymore. ;)

Aren't they just neat little creatures?

 Bub liked them too. So much so that he took it upon himself to rip a hole in my make-shift paper towel lid to catch a better glimpse. And at that point we just thought it was time to let them go find their 'husbands and wives',  (Little Lady's words) that is in fact the reason they "blink up" you know, to attract their little bright-bummed firefly mate.

Funny thing is-
as much as Bub liked them he just can't manage actually picking one up and holding it.

He'd rather just point, and if hes really feeling brave, maybe a poke.
Hes not as brave as his sister is. Not just yet anyway. 

Now, Little Lady on the other hand, she'll hold 'em till the cows come home.
Not that we have cows or anything, but you get my drift. :)

 Call me crazy, but I think they are pretty darn cool too.
This one was begging me to take its picture.

We are really going to miss them when we move back to the Northwest,
and they way they "blink up" at us at dusk. 

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  1. I'm still envious - I really want to see one all lit up! ("blinked up"). I just think its such a funny idea - a bug that lights up - how great is that?! I'll just have to journey back that way in the future if I'm going to see a real firefly.


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