November 10, 2010

Missing Murfreesboro

We are seriously missing:

Tennessee clouds.

The sunshine.
Minus the humidity.

This sweet, sweet family.

 Chalk and bubble days out front.

Sneaking up to the neighborhood bunny.

 Watching caaraaaazy storm fronts come in.

Our neighborhood.

Watching the kiddos play with frogs at night when its 77 degrees out.
In the pool.
In their skivies.

Watching the boys golf out front.

Our favorite park.

Our evening firefly catching adventures...

I hope my daughter will remember catching them.

 The fireflies slept on her headboard, for goodness sakes.

I think she will. But that's just a hunch.

And last but definitely not least, our sweet friends and old neighbors with their southern accents and southern hospitality; the Simmons and Kopchaks. We miss yall so much! (I threw in the 'yall' just for you!)

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