October 14, 2009


Hannah's favorite things:

First off we have the shoes. Oh heavens the sparkly pink shoes. She got these shoes from Auntie Erin for her birthday, and she wears them everyday. With socks.  I don't blame her. They are quite lovely don't you think?

Next off we have the momart (monarch) butterfly. I realize it isn't really a monarch, but you see, any butterfly/moth that has any orange on it whatsoever, is a momart by Hannah's terms.  If there happens to be two orange butterflies on our butterfly bush, can you guess?...one is a momart and the other is a dadart. Makes sense right?

That face just melts me.  I made her (yeah made! It was so darn easy and so stinkin cheap!) this little tutu for Halloween, because she's going to be Ladybug girl. But we thought it would be fun to see what red hair would look like. 

 The Little Mermaid. 'Nuf said.

And lastly; snails and worms. We search for them whenever we are outside. And we always save the ones on the sidewalk when it rains. A girl after my own heart. :)


  1. LOVE this post. So adorable. Jane is going to be a lady bug, too but I lucked out and Grandma is making the costume.

  2. Love it, Chels! Especially the "momart" and the "dadart" - lol. Miss you guys more and more.

  3. Hannah reminds me of another little girl, not so many years ago. Finding frogs and rescuing ANY thing that moved that might be in harms way. These pictures are so great and sure does warm this grandma's heart. Great job, honey! Love, Geeg


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