October 27, 2009

Lucky Ladd Farm

Our day at Lucky Ladd Farm...

First things first- feed the starving animals.

Then collect some treasures...

Hi Bubba!

 Back to the sheep...they were cute, in a funny, weird sort of way...

(This is her I am WAY to busy feeding these animals to look at mom smile.)

Alex really wanted to go down the monster slide.  Thankfully the kids wanted to go with him. ;)

Bubba went twice.

Bubba also found a tractor....

And Big Sis got to ride the barrel train!

She could only manage going around one time though...too bumpy.

She did love the swings.

Not so much diggin the swing idea.

Yep. She found sand. She cant help herself.

And we watched the tractors drive by...big red ones.


 We figured out baby chicks are stinkin' cute.

 We got a couple pumpkins, had a few hot dogs, sat by a big fire, got nice and toasty, and watched the moon come out. It was a pretty fun night. :)


  1. Chelsie that farm looks amazing! What kid wouldn't love to go there for annual pumpkin hunting. I really enjoyed the pictures too. Your kids are so darn cute!! :)

  2. I wish I could've been there with you :(


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