March 17, 2010

Bubba's buzz cut

 Cute, but totally shaggy. 
Come to think of it, my husband might need a haircut soon too.

 I am generally anti-candy for wee ones. But In the case of needing a toddler to sit still for 10 minutes, I will do whatever it takes. I actually gave him a sucker to tide him over the last time I buzzed him and it worked wonders. Too bad hes got more teeth this time around and decided to chew it instead.  So it was gone in less than two minutes.

And two minutes of buzzing was about all he could handle. He cried, and I felt bad. 
But I couldn't let him run around half buzzed! Or could I?

He looks so grown up now. Its amazing how something like a simple haircut can transform what I consider my "baby" into a 21 month old little boy. I'm not sure If I'm ready for him to grow up.

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