March 9, 2010

Our last day in Atlanta

 We got to meet this guy. And he let us feel his beard.

We learned this.

We got to see the World of Coca-Cola building. And a ginormous Coke bottle.

And more super tall buildings.

 We explored. 

We saw and old gate. And took a picture of it.

 We thought it might be fun to go to the CNN Center.

The inside of this building was unreal.

We thought it was anyways.
 Then we went to The Children's Museum.

And discovered Moon Sand is possibly the coolest stuff on the planet.

 We painted. And smiled funny.

We took weird pictures of ourselves. 

And cute pictures of others.

 We shopped.

We found a lantern.

We loved the view from our hotel room.

And here's the view at night. (taken the night before) Just in case you were curious.

We had to say goodbye to our lovely hotel. Embassy Suites.

 We ate here for lunch on the way out. And cole slaw topped hot dogs never tasted better.

 We drove home, and saw this on the way.

We were tuckered out. So we took a nap.

The end.

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  1. beautiful pictures! You are a great photographer. John visited the Coca Cola plant on a business trip and he was amazed at the soda fountain with all the different varieties of Coke sold around the world (recipe changed to the taste of different cultures)


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