March 5, 2010

Georgia Aquarium 2.20.10

We got to watch the diver clean the tank.
She even waved at Bub!

 Question/answer time with the diver. 
Kinda cool actually.

Then the diver fed them lettuce! Who knew? 
They went crazy over the stuff.


100-foot-long underwater tunnel.
The kids seemed to like the moving conveyor belt the best. It was pretty groovy. 

 Giant Grouper.
Possibly the ugliest fish I have ever seen. Sorry buddy.
Few fun facts we learned:
-The giant grouper grows to a length of eight feet and a weight of 660 pounds!
-Groupers start out life as females and later switch sex to male with age. 

Whale shark havin' some breakfast.

 The Hammerhead.
Dont they just look mean?

Whale shark is the largest fish species in the world. Cool huh?
Very mysterious animal.

6.2-million-gallon "Ocean Voyager" exhibit. 
Its the second largest viewing window in the world at 23 feet tall by 61 feet wide and 2 feet thick.
I could spend hours just sitting and watching. I felt like a scuba diver.

My girl thinks hes really ugly and doesn't really want to be his friend.
I'd have to agree.

Manta ray "Nandi" was putting on a feeding show for us.
So graceful.

Sea Horses.
One of my favorites.

Sea Dragon.
Fascinating creature.

American Alligators.
Too close for comfort.

Over stimulation of the kiddos begins. 
Bust out that suckie.

Mister Piranha.
We thought he was cute, in a weird fishy sort of way.

The kids really liked watching them.

This was her favorite.

 She squealed with delight each time she got to touch the Bonnethead shark or the Cownose ray. She was feelin preeety cool about getting to pet a shark.         

Absolutely loved getting to touch all the sea creatures. 
The rays were her favorite. Because "Day are smoove like a worm." :)

 Loggerhead sea turtle. 
Cute pure and simple.

This is the "I just went through the tunnel all by my self and I'm mighty proud of it" face.

Bubbas shrimp boat! :) 

He spent a good amount of time driving the boat.
Or is it steer a boat?

We love the Georgia Aquarium! 

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