February 19, 2010

The scoop--


Just so you don't read this whole blog post wondering what on earth I am talking about...a "post-doc" is a 1-year entry level position that provides specialized training and assistance during the process of getting licensed. My husband has been talking about the Portland VA post-doc position for literally about a year and a half now, how it's such a good program, it would make us a lot closer to family, (2,001 miles closer I might add) and how it's just the perfect fit for him...yada yada yada. He ended up applying to 7 post-doc positions plus submitted his application to the California prison system to make sure he "cast a wide net" as he would put it, 'cause you just never know, really. The post-doc sites usually contact their applicants on the 25th of February to make job offers. But it didn't play out that way for us...

The line of events for my husband are as follows:
Feb 10th- Phone interview with University of North Carolina.
Feb 11th- Leave for Denver at 8am for another interview, arrive at hotel- 1 hour and 15 minute phone interview with Portland VA in his hotel room that evening
Feb 12th- Interview all day in Denver. PHONE CALL from Portland at 1 pm offering him the post-doc position, two weeks early! Alex accepts, cancels all his other interviews, hops on a plane and comes home.

Wow! Praise the Lord! I am so proud of him.

It all happened so fast and we're kinda still in shock. We're so happy to be moving back to the Northwest, although we will really miss our super nice neighbors, the fireflies, the big beautiful puffy clouds, and the thunder and lightning storms here.  And we (I) am going to be happy to get away from the miserable humidity in the summer and tornadoes. I don't like 'em one bit. Call me crazy. They say that April is the big tornado month so I'll keep yall posted.

Living in another part of the country has really made us appreciate the Northwest and all its beauty. Don't get me wrong, we have really enjoyed the south- southern hospitality is great, and Cracker Barrel is our friend. But we miss things like.....going to the coast, fresh seafood, good beer (my husband), delicious coffee, mountains in the distance, evergreen trees, Trader Joe's, Costco, Ikea, no humidity, and most importantly all our lovely family and friends.

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  1. First, congrats a million times over. Second, isn't the northwest gorgeous? When I went home over Christmas I was amazed at how beautiful the valley is, nestled between all of those peaks. Congrats, congrats, congrats! When do you move!?


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