February 16, 2010


By no means do I claim to be a photographer. However I will say that I am VERY interested in the idea of taking pictures. Good pictures. Especially of my kiddos. I absolutely love the idea of capturing those sweet expressions and moments of my kids. And taking neat pictures of iced over branches and big red barns when I can...

Having the title "photographer" associated with my name is fun but also very intimidating to me. I guess I feel like there are so many amazing photographers out there to say that I am one too just seems a bit premature.  I would absolutely love to eventually say that I am a Mom first and a "photographer" on the side. But for now, Ill just take pictures and edit them as I see fit.

Here are a few pictures I  took in and of Murfreesboro a couple weeks ago when we had our snow/ice storm.  It was freezing but absolutely gorgeous out.


Sad to think I only have 4 more months to take pictures in Murfreesboro....


  1. WOW. these are amazing, thanks for sharing! the iced branches are my faves.

  2. Uh, yeah... you should be calling yourself a photographer! Amazing!!!!

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  4. Those are awesome, nice work. Keep it up! And though I'm sorry you'll miss TN we can't wait till you're back in the NW!

  5. These are great!!! I totally feel the same way! Ever since Giyana was born I feel inspired to take pictures!! What kind of camera do you have??

  6. Thanks so much guys! That means so much!
    Jenna- I got a canon rebel xsi for Christmas. Kinda-sorta a new baby. :)


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